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Impetus Digital Agency is a Digital Marketing Agency based in General Santos City, whose founders were CEO of past digital agency and Directors and Owner of virtual assistant company here in the Philippines.

Full of bright ideas and backstopped by years of expertise in this highly competitive field, this team of idealistic, young and promising entrepreneurs decided to pool their resources together and put up their own Digital Marketing company. The focus primarily is providing innovative and highly effective marketing strategies for businesses and companies in their online marketing campaigns. These campaigns are designed to pull up search ratings and increase company and brand awareness in the worldwide web.

We do our jobs because we love what we do and we are very passionate and driven by the constant changes happening in the Digital world.

Our constantly expanding roster of Link Developers and Web Marketing Agents share the same passion and vision we have for the continued growth and expansion of our company. This is to give you customized and highly personalized services whether it’s increasing online visibility and awareness for your business or driving traffic to your site’s pages. We use proven SEO techniques which include link building and the use of search engine friendly keywords in order to reach the 70% of internet users who use major search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN and Bing to find certain products and services on the worldwide web. We also pride ourselves with our Virtual Assistant services that can represent your business and build relationships with your customers by providing the best service possible.

Should you wish to know more about the services we offer and the packages available, simply click on our (Services/Advertising) page. If you have further questions about what we do or if you are interested in what we, as a full service Digital Marketing agency has to offer, simply send us an email at contact@impetusdigitalagency.

Impetus Digital Agency will get the job done for you, right on the agreed upon time and just the way you wanted it done. Get in touch with us today!