Although it may be one of the smallest areas within a condominium, the common bathroom is arguably the most functional. However, we should never view this diminutive space as being defined by functionality alone. On the contrary, many will choose to add a bit of style and personality to their bathroom. The notion that such a room is defined by cold and colorless tiles is extremely dated. You may be surprised to learn that there are a number of ways in which to imbue a decidedly unique personality into this area. Let’s take a look at some useful hints and suggestions. 

A Departure from the Spartan

The majority of bathrooms are defined by what can only be called a barren appearance. Except for a few towels and a shower curtain, there is little to entice the eye. One of the best ways to counteract this impression is to add a few signature pieces. Ask yourself these three questions:

· What type of ambiance do you wish to create?

· Is there a specific theme that interests you?

· How can you make the most out of the existing space?

Some great ideas are to incorporate small pictures, dried flowers or even stickers which can be easily adhered to existing tiles.

Let There be Light

One of the issues with many condominium bathrooms is that there tends to be a noticeable lack of ambient light. The best way to counteract this feature is to employ the use of a few well-placed mirrors. Not only will a mirror help to enhance any light that may be present, but it is arguably the best method to provide an illusion of space. However, if you can choose a condominium that is generous with natural lighting, even in the bathroom, consider it a great deal


Our sense of smell is extremely sensitive. There is no room more applicable in this sense than the bathroom. A popular trend in modern times is to utilize aromatherapy methods to add an appeal to this environment. Some choices to consider are incense rods, cones and liquid diffusers. As the range of scents to choose from is nearly endless, you will always encounter the aroma that suits this room.

Back to the Organic

A bathroom should never be defined by a monochromatic decor alone. It is wise to think about adding a few organic elements into its design. Why not choose a handful of plants that do not require a great deal of sunlight? Ivy is often used in this respect. 

Accents and More Accents

It is said that the smallest modifications can make the biggest differences. One way to accomplish this is to change out your existing taps for those which display a certain tone or time period. Copper, brass and even gold-plated fixtures can all be wise choices.

These are only a few tips which can help to quickly transform your bathroom into an amazing environment. Always keep in mind that there is nothing wrong with experimenting a bit before you decide upon your final choice.