With the COVID-19 pandemic still amassing thousands of victims every single day and with no clear sight as to when it’ll end, most of society has tended to placate themselves in the comfort of their homes, hoping someday everything’ll go back to how it was.

Now, with most of the physical and recreational activities shut down, people sought ways to alleviate the idleness brought about by being locked up inside their houses while still having the spirit of competitive fun. Thus, Electronic sports (Esports).

Esports is a gaming genre that acts out a real or illusory sport, which just essentially means that we can let the physical games of pre-pandemic be a thing in the past.

Why Esports is a necessity, not just a mere pastime

Ever since the pandemic, every sport that we have has been replaced by a computer and a controller. From basketball, soccer, tennis, to even something as physical as boxing, everything that we do happens virtually now. Everything that we have been used to seeing and experiencing back then can just be projected in today’s Esports.

Now, not only will engaging yourself in Esports and its several competitions help you get new friends, it’ll also open up various prospects and careers you never thought possible. Competitive Esports are not only for fun, but also an avenue for endless opportunities without even ever leaving your home.

Why Esports is important to one’s well-being

Various studies have shown that engaging yourself in Esports result in the same benefits of physical sports, but less the physical exertion, thus solidifying its importance to a person’s welfare. Some of its major benefits are as follows:

With the current situation we are in, it is with utmost importance that one should engross himself in Esports, knowing how much it can give and benefit you.