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Know what Impetus Digital Agency can offer. Learn about SEM, SEO, Social Media and Link Building and how these effective internet marketing strategies can help boost your business presence online.  And by employing virtual assistants, companies have greater chances of saving operational and infrastructure costs compared to a permanent employee. And that is why outsourcing saves time and money, and allows companies to focus on their core business functions.


Impetus Digital Agency provides innovative and highly effective strategies for search engine marketing. These schemes guarantee the increase of your site’s web traffic and visibility on the search results of the world’s leading search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Search engine marketing includes various methods of internet advertising under its umbrella. It is geared towards helping your website increase its visibility on the worldwide web. It also aids your website establish a prominent presence on search engine results pages (SERPs) using different methods such as search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM) through social network platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+, and solid link building campaign.

The importance of worldwide web in people’s lives nowadays is quite evident. With the advent of high technology, everyone uses the internet for just about everything—from getting up-to-date information to shopping. More than 70% of online users utilize major search engines when looking for certain products or services. Numerous studies on the use of internet show that users tend to visit websites which are at the top of the web results, believing that these are the most relevant to their search queries. Impetus Digital Agency strongly believes that being on top of the search engine results serves as a major factor in helping your business reach its target market. Of course, reaching your target audience may result in generating more traffic; hence, more possible sales for your company.



Impetus Digital Agency helps your company come up with an integrated search engine optimization approach in order to get your business achieve higher rankings and greater traffic through simple, tried and tested, cost effective means.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is defined as a process or service that specifically aims to increase a website’s ranking in response to a search query done on any of the leading search engines (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) depending on what these search engines consider as the most relevant to their users.

Some websites rank higher than others or appear at the top of the search results after a query is entered on the search engine presumably because of the use of certain SEO techniques. These techniques are simple yet undeniably effective. These very same strategies, when used efficiently can provide your website and your company favourable results.

Impetus Digital Agency works hand in hand with your company to help it develop a clear definition of its objectives and targets. By doing this, it would be easier to come up with a list of relevant SEO keywords and formulate a unique link building package for your business.



Nowadays, social media has become such a powerful tool for people and businesses to deliver their message to their target audiences. Social media marketing when partnered with SEO can definitely achieve your company’s target results.

If used properly, social media marketing (SMM) could be an effective tool to connect with your business’ customers. Simply put, SMM means utilizing social media sites and networks like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn, to promote your business on a much more dynamic and highly personalized level. This is geared towards the fact that a lot of people today use or are part of online social network sites. Having a good social media marketing campaign lets your company quickly address queries, suggestions, and even complaints from people who are part of your social network.

Impetus Digital Agency helps you come up with an effective social media marketing strategy that works together with various SEO packages. Small businesses can benefit from social media marketing if used in a well-structured and goal-oriented manner. Indeed, this type of marketing is an excellent way to drive traffic and promote your company’s various products and services. This can be done through a range of methods including target specific promotions and special offers. News and information can also be shared quickly and easily through social networks.

In a nutshell, social media marketing can do wonders for your business as it gives small companies or even the big ones the chance to build closer relationships with potential clients and customers.


Your company’s website has to attract people and other relevant websites to link with it if your business wishes to be competitive on search results. This, of course, leads to better traffic and more audience which, in turn, may result in higher sales.

Link building plays an important part in a company’s SEO strategy. The rationale behind this approach is that one must get other websites agree to link to your company’s site. Building links is important because it is a way of getting more people visit your site by clicking on the keywords posted on other webpages. This means that if you get more links all over the web, more people tend to visit your company’s site; hence, connecting with the target market is made easier. Although the dynamics of SEO seem to be simple, it has some complications as well.

Not all sites that agree to be linked to your company’s website may be qualified and appropriate to be connected with your company’s webpage since these sites should be highly related to the services and/ or products your company offers. Take note that linking your company’s site to sites that are not really connected with what your business caters may result in penalty imposed by search engines. This may damage your website’s ranking, yielding to unfavourable results towards your webpage.

It is important to remember that when it comes to link building, the key is not in the quantity or number of inbound links that will help your website rank well on search results and drive greater traffic to your website; but rather the quality and relevance of these links.

As stated earlier, link building plays a vital role in any successful SEO strategy because if your site features original, factual, and relevant content or information that is not only informative, but is also well written; then, there is a high probability that webmasters or site administrators of other sites will want to link to yours because it offers their users and readers something of value and interest.

Impetus Digital Agency sits down with you to help your company formulate your link building strategy by conducting an analysis of where your company is and what needs to be done to further your business’ marketing efforts. Alongside these processes, Impetus Digital Agency helps your company in identifying key terms and plotting your link targets to ensure better results. Although it takes time to build credible and relevant links on other sites, it is certain that the outcome would be incomparably helpful to your company’s website.



We offer comprehensive web design and web development packages with work output and project results coming from the created minds of our experienced team of website designers and web developers. People often don’t realize that there is quite a great difference between website designing and web development, being two entirely separate types of service with each being distinct but still related to the other. Work with us to experience first hand what great website design and web development is all about and what these can do for you and your business.

Impetus Digital Agency has a talented group of web designers and developers trained here and abroad who work closely with graphic artists and layout specialists who are experienced in working with a number of website platforms and templates ranging from blogs, e-commerce sites, CMS and more to provide you with stunning web design and graphics bundled with application development and added features to ensure not only great-looking and easily navigable sites but ones which are also highly optimized for the world’s leading search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Our website design and development team encourage clients to sit down with them and discuss what their goals and objectives are to ensure that the end results produced are sites which have a user friendly layout and optimized for search engines resulting in encouraged lead generation, higher search engine rankings and most importantly, drive more targeted traffic to your site. With the help of our talented creative team coupled with our experience and expertise in web designing and development, you can rest assured that the sites we have created will not only look great, they will work as hard as you need them to perform for your business.



Our society today requires proactive and excellent customer service to make sure of the growth of our business. Customer loyalty is one of the biggest goals most businesses wants to achieve, having said so, you should have the service professional that best fits your business to represent you with your valued customers.

You will be given a team for your campaign: Account Manager, Quality Assurance Analyst, and your Virtual Agents. Your main point of contact is your Account Manager so the campaign will be organized and would run according to your specifications. The role of your Quality Assurance Analyst is to make sure that your agent is working to the highest level of accuracy and quality.

Impetus Digital Agency VA services:

> Appointment Setting

> Lead Generation

> Customer Service

> Project Management

> Research

> Podcast Production



Impetus Digital Agency offers outsourcing services aiming to work hand in hand with companies and businesses who cannot handle the bulk of surplus work. The major advantage of outsourcing is that it helps enterprises minimize their unnecessary expenditures by passing on temporary job orders to other companies.

Among the most famous outsourcing industries in the Philippines are the call centers, medical transcription companies, and e-mail/ online marketing incorporations. Impetus Digital Agency specializes in SEO link building, Virtual Assistance and SMM. Our company believes that this is the most efficient means to advertise as it does not require much funds, yet produces undeniably great results.

Impetus Digital Agency is a digital marketing agency in General Santos City, Philippines.